Sometimes we can’t control life’s events – but we can control how we react to life’s challenges. Developing positive life skills as a mind set starts with gratitude.   The “I Can Hero '' campaign is an empowerment vehicle of positivity.  Leading the way of this iCAN HERO positivity program The Legend’s N Hero’s broadcast, hosted by celebrity host and philanthropist Spider Jones, of the Spiders Web youth empowerment centres and a number .  Spider encourages our community youth to engage online and share their thanks for those who are heroes to them. Spider shares inspirational stories with inspirational guests.  Focussing on gratitude and recognition of local heroes from all walks of life, single mothers, local coaches, inspired musicians and especially our essential workers.   

If  “iCAN HERO, YOU CAN TOO!” - Ken Whetham Video  



It's important that our leaders be vocal in their support of our local community heroes as it is equally important we involve our youth in creating a more positive narrative.  Assisting with a positive initiative and witnessing the results is empowering and inspiring.  iCan Hero volunteer hours consist of assisting in the coordination, scheduling, and filming of local municipal councillors and other community leaders sharing supportive and inspirational messages.  Students will contribute by learning how to  create a professional public service commercial. This message of gratitude to our essential workers will come from themselves, from the leaders within their own school, and other appropriate inspiring community leaders.   This “iCAN HERO - Thank you essential workers' ' campaign is also an opportunity to encourage optimistic dialogue with inspired positive leadership, creating a collage of empowerment messages from community members.  

“ iCAN HERO” - First Responders Photographer,  Advocate Colin Williamson VIDEO



When inspired and motivated by positivity, moving with a mindset of appreciation is when good things happen. - The “iCAN HERO Attitude '' brings a willingness to communicate on a personal level, to listen and learn from one another, breaking down barriers and borders of misunderstanding. The iCAN HERO mindset allows students to engage personally with community councillors/leaders and share a dialogue, this is an opportunity to learn from one another. Students learn about the real life personal challenge of public positions/office and our councillor/leaders get a personal insight into the minds of our youth, the leaders of tomorrow.   Often and especially during the Covid crisis our community council representatives have been thrown to the wolves by some members of our community, some deservedly but most community councillors have little to no control over policy and procedure with Covid, yet there's a lot of redirect directed at them personally with little opportunity to respectfully respond.  It's important that students have an opportunity to meet the persons behind the politics - personal engagements and an open mind do not always result in mutual understanding but it does create respect.  The iCAN HERO Team pushes the narrative of mutual understanding, gratitude and respect.



Via the “iCan Hero - Say Thank You”  campaign students will receive training and support on how to plan, and execute a professional style interview.  Learn how to conduct both an in person interview as well as how to set up and record a remote interview.  Students will learn how to use a greenscreen, the essentials of proper angles, spacing and lighting, audio etc.  Essential software components, Apps and remote support will be provided to ensure students are able to create quality content. Creating quality content is a highly sought after skill, each community will have ongoing requirements for interviews and storytelling of new positive iCAN HERO community projects. The iCAN HERO team continues to provide ongoing support programs for community fundraising and positivity.



     Our world is more digital than ever and being able to create and publish quality digital content is good for local exposure, and good deeds inspire other good deeds.  We want to encourage this and reward our youth for participating. iCAN HERO offers amazing prizes that are donated by local businesses, usually in the form of gift card prizes promoting local businesses.  In addition to our gift card rewards incentives we also celebrate local iCAN HERO’s with presentations of the iCAN HERO Community Cup.    Once again encouraging community engagement increases exposure, providing our local businesses with an even greater platform to advertise locally sponsoring positivity, directing their advertising dollars towards philanthropy and support of our community rather than giving it to Facebook. 



     Modern media is digital and social and we the people  with our smartphones are both the  consumers of media but we are also the producers of content on social media. iCAN HERO provides digital media education, we provide technical resources and support for professional productions and the iCAN HERO website is its own media platform.  Equipped with its own video media infrastructure similar toYoutube, a social networking platform similar to Facebook and a whole lot more!  Media platform assets that extend far into traditional social networks that encourage the promotion of positivity of our local communities, local people, and positive local news as we continue to publish local hero positive news with our lead platform Legends ‘N Hero’s hosted by the legendary Charles Spider Jones.



    The Charity Cup was an ongoing rewards program that was created to reward local sports teams to raise money for their own sports teams alongside a local charity.   The iCAN HERO Cup and prizes were awarded to the team that raised the most money for their community, trophies and rewards were also handed out to each participating team and special gifts were presented to the teammate that raised the most money for their team. A new award for our local sports team banquets - MVP, most Sportsmanlike and now being the best fundraiser has its recognition and rewards.    


    Fundraising is tough and organized sports and activities are expensive.  Our iCAN HERO program has partnered with Planet Gift Cards by Community Marketplace Corp. They offer a site which sells downloadable digital gift cards at a discount for the purposes of fundraising.  Any approved user can help create local discounted gift cards and together we can promote local businesses, save friends and family money, help save our planet while we raise money for our community empowerment programs all at the same time.  Planet Gift Card Fundraising Document.  Their PAPP Wifi product can explode exposure beyond measure with PAPP Social WiFi sharing