Planet Gift Cards is a website that offers discounted gift cards from local businesses and donates a portion of the proceeds to charity. Through this fundraising model, customers can support both their favorite local businesses and a good cause at the same time. Planet Gift Cards benefits from exposure and sales generated by partnering with non-profit organizations, while the non-profit organizations benefit from the financial support generated by the campaign. Overall, this type of fundraising provides a win-win situation for both the business and the non-profit, and can be an effective way to raise funds and awareness for charitable causes.


A fundraising campaign using a local food delivery app involves partnering with Order Eat to donate a portion of the sales to a local charity. Through this model, customers can support their favorite local restaurants while also giving back to the community. By partnering with Order Eat, non-profit organizations can generate ongoing fundraising efforts that keep money local and support good community causes. This type of fundraising campaign not only benefits the non-profit and the community, but also the local businesses and Order Eat by increasing exposure and building goodwill with their customers. Overall, this model provides a win-win situation for all parties involved and can be a highly effective way to support local businesses and charitable causes.


A fundraising campaign that uses internet and telecom services to create a fundraising stream. Through its reseller agreements with major service suppliers, customers have the freedom to choose their preferred provider while still being able to donate to their favorite charitable cause. This model allows non-profit organizations to generate a reliable stream of donations from customers' monthly bills, while providing customers with the flexibility to support a good cause without compromising on their choice of service provider. Additionally, this type of fundraising campaign helps to build brand loyalty and goodwill between service providers and their customers, as well as supporting important charitable causes. Overall, iCAN HERO's fundraising campaign provides a win-win situation for all parties involved, promoting charitable giving and supporting businesses in the process.


Giveback Promotions offers a unique fundraising program that utilizes the efficiencies of the internet to encourage youth to participate in online donation fundraising. By providing great prizes as incentives, youth are motivated to reach out to their friends and family for donations, creating a wider network of supporters for their chosen cause. This type of fundraising campaign not only helps to raise money for charitable causes, but also promotes the use of the internet as a powerful tool for community engagement and social change. By leveraging the efficiencies of the internet, Giveback Promotions provides an innovative and engaging way to get youth involved in fundraising and giving back to their community. Overall, this program can have a positive impact on both the participants and the charitable causes they support, helping to create a more connected and caring society.


Businesses have been transitioning from traditional office equipment to cloud-based services in recent years, offering benefits such as increased productivity and cost savings. This shift also provides an opportunity for businesses to share a percentage of their cost savings with charitable organizations, partnering with industry experts who work as consultants for these organizations to identify areas where savings can be realized. This approach benefits both the business and the charitable organization, allowing them to create positive change in their community through transparent and fair distribution of savings.


Online donations have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the convenience and accessibility of digital platforms. Social media in particular has played a significant role in enabling non-profit organizations to reach a wider audience and engage with supporters more effectively. By utilizing social media platforms, non-profits can share their message, promote their cause, and connect with potential donors in a cost-effective and efficient way. Social media also allows donors to share their support with their own networks, helping to increase visibility and reach for the organization. Overall, online donations and social media have revolutionized the way non-profits operate and interact with their supporters, providing valuable benefits for both the organization and their donors.


Corporate Sponsorship:

  • A partnership between a non-profit organization and a corporation.
  • The corporation provides financial support or resources to the non-profit in exchange for recognition, exposure, or other benefits.
  • Can help non-profits to raise funds and awareness, while also providing businesses with a positive brand image and increased community engagement.

Sponsorship for Advertising Exposure:

  • A type of corporate sponsorship where businesses provide financial support or resources to a non-profit organization in exchange for advertising exposure.
  • The non-profit may promote the business through their website, social media channels, or other marketing materials.
  • Can be a cost-effective way for businesses to reach a targeted audience while also supporting a good cause.

Percentage of Sales Fundraising Campaigns:

  • A type of fundraising campaign where businesses donate a percentage of their sales to a non-profit organization.
  • The non-profit may promote the campaign to their supporters and encourage them to make purchases from the participating business.
  • Can be an effective way for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility, while also generating goodwill with their customers.


A brand partnership for charity involves a company providing products, such as apparel, to promotional partners at cost for the purpose of fundraising. This partnership allows the brand to increase its visibility while also supporting a good cause. By leveraging the power of social networks, fundraising efforts can generate significant financial benefits for the charity. The company benefits by building goodwill with consumers and gaining exposure through the promotion of the fundraising campaign. This type of partnership is a win-win for all involved, as it allows brands to demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility while supporting charitable organizations and raising awareness for important causes.



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