During hard times of the economic downturn many people in our community experience first hand the impact. With increasing levels of unemployment, more people are relying on community support services and the need for maintaining a strong social infrastructure has never been greater. 


While no one group can solve all problems ‘iCAN HERO Internet and telecommunications is doing its best to support each of our local charitable and not for profit organizations with our “Community Marketplace” Internet fundraising program. 


iCAN HERO – is saving both residence and business money and donating a percentage to the participating charitable organization of your choice.


Through participation of your family and friends, members, affiliates and referral networks, this unique program will save members of our community money and raise money for our charitable associations. By working together as a community we have the ability to make a real significant impact. iCAN HERO Communications shall donate (5%) of the net value of the Monthly Recurring Services (MRS) for an entire year back to participating organizations. 


Support Strategies:


  • A free online registration website equipped with multiple vendor choices, our experts will guide you through the right service provider for your residence and or specific to your organizations requirement, Referral and make a Donation links can be added to any website.


  • Special incentives for employees, volunteers, membership and associates who are willing to participate. (Both Business and Residential clients)


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