This is a degree course with a number of modular courses that is the foundation required for any business or person to be managing business in our digital landscape. This is an approved degree program and is funded under the Ontario Education & Training Grant program that covers 6/7th the costs of our course.

Approved course for Ontario training grant apply online here: http://www.tcu.gov.on.ca/eng/eopg/cojg/.


Mastery - Success with Digital

The Digital Marketing Mastery class is the highest level training and approved curriculum for
becoming a Certified Digital Marketing Professional.
The class is designed for agencies and brands who want to have a complete, holistic
understanding of the 8 critical aspects of Digital Marketing. So as the name would suggest, it’s
less about “specializing” and more about overall “mastery” of digital marketing.
Each unit is taught by an industry expert via online webinar or in-person sessions and facilitated
each week by a live instructor in a true, small group, classroom-style format with your team.
In addition to the core training modules there are also weekly live Instructor-led Q&A sessions and
discussions relating the course material to real-life business scenarios.
The core disciplines taught are:
• Conversion Funnels & Customer Value Optimization
• Content Marketing Mastery
• Paid Traffic & Customer Acquisition Mastery
• Social & Community Mastery
• Email Marketing Mastery
• Search Marketing Mastery
• Analytics & Data Mastery
• Optimization & Testing Mastery
Those who successfully complete Mastery will be eligible to sit for the practical exam and final to
receive their full CDMP designation.

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