An online course platform like a school so you can make money while you sleep!


FOR TEACHERS - Provide whole courses yourself, earn from your knowledge & donate a percentage or a set fee. 

FOR STUDENTS - Student allow students to view courses, quizzes, test scores and certificates.

iCAN ADMIN - Full control to assist with courses, teachers, students, payments, promo codes, and much more

iCAN TRAINERS & COURSES - iCAN trainers, invites all teachers who can create share their knowledge, iCAN HERO provides a platform for anyone to manage your own courses and lessons, we can help teachers create rich media, video, images, text and manuals, easy to manage students, provide testing and quizzes, and even provide certificates all online! iCAN Manages content of creators, helps teachers capture commissions and more.


ONLINE TEACHER REGISTRATIONS Every educational institution has many teachers and professors that teach a wide range of subjects so why not you? Our online Learning Guru platform allows for just that. The online education platform allows for teacher registrations and the ability to approve and publish the course content they wish to teach and sell. Allow them to manage their own students and earn a commission as the platform provider. Collect a percentage or a flat rate fee, whichever you decide.


CREATE & MANAGE UNLIMITED COURSES Allow unlimited teachers to create unlimited online courses with modules & lessons, on Teaching Guru's easy user interface. Your teachers can register quickly, receive your approval, then start working on their courses right away. You will be notified when a new teacher requires your approval. Teachers can prepare their courses without the help of the site's admin, all you need to do is review the course and publish. You'll have all the time you need to promote the course, bring in students and make money!


COMMISSION SYSTEM Our commission system is the last missing feature needed to turn your site into a fully-fledged learning platform like Udemy. It lets you set teacher commissions, track sales and pay teachers easily. The new commissions system can be personalized for each teacher separately. It produces reports, and has a batch payment option to send money through Paypal to your teachers.

GRADUAL RELEASE OF LESSONS Release your lessons gradually and keep students coming back for more daily/weekly This feature allows you to release their lessons gradually — once a day or once a week or once a month. Not only can you stop students jumping around on the course, you can now use your course as a marketing machine. Send students an email each time a lesson is ready and you’ll bring them back to your site automatically. They’ll stay on your course and renew their subscription to gain access to the remaining lessons. You’ll get more money in your pocket.


PRINT OFF CERTIFICATES OF EDUCATION GREAT IDEA! If your potential students know they can get a certificate that will help them get hired or improve their resume, then there is a much better chance that they will sign up for your courses! More students = More revenue

CERTIFICATE TERMS - Teaching Guru knows which of the students deserves a certificate you can choose any terms: No Certificate / Completed all Lessons / Passed Exam with >% etc etc

TESTING & TRACKING Track student progress and quizzes to know where they stand on each course they take. Tests and Quiz tracking features won’t just tell you the results. It will also show which quizzes each student took, as well as the score for each attempt, the dates they took it and the number of times they tried.


SUBSCRIPTION PLANS - Set up subscription plans based on time: by hours, days, months and years, or you can create an unlimited subscription plan that doesn’t expire. You can also set e-mail reminders: e-mails that will be sent to subscribers when their plan is about to or has already expired.

FLAT RATE BILLING - Billing can be done on subscriptions but also as one of courses, where each course carries a unique value for each education module

PROMO CODES - Promo codes for course and subscriptions are built in, for discounts, incentives for partnerships and or promotions

FREE COURSES - Courses can be provided for free, or portions to create interest with students, free courses bring interest, interest brings more business - try before you buy this kind of thing.



- iCAN HERO - 

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